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Paris, France
November 2021

The ROSSINI auction house will present at auction more than 50 NFTs which will be put up for sale between November 11 and 17 during Paris Photos, on the website


This sale combining physical and digital works will mark the first event in a series of sales dedicated to digital art within a new department dedicated to digital art at Rossini


At the end of a retrospective exhibition organized in Aix en Provence between June and September 2021, carte blanche was given to the artist Christophe Keip in the selection of the emblematic portraits having appeared in his exhibition.

In partnership with the company TokenToMe, buyers will be supported in the creation of their digital collection, and more generally in the apprehension of this revolution that is "crypto art".

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Aix-en-Provence, France
October to December 2021

To follow up on the exhibition event which took place from June to September 2021 in Aix-en-Provence, the cultural management of the city has proposed to extend this adventure throughout the city. In particular, merchants were invited to choose the works they wanted to host until the end of the year.

If you are interested in hosting a #HURLEALAVIE work in your business, you will find a button just below to access the works available in the different sizes. Do not hesitate to contact me so that we can organize the hanging at your place.

In addition, you will soon find here the list of places where you can come across howlers again.

Exhibition curator: Vanessa Suchar Marcus

JT France 3 - 06/25/2021

From June 25 until September 11, the 521 photographic testimonies will be exhibited at the Galerie Zola in Aix en Provence. This 350m2 gallery is located a stone's throw from the Rotonde in front of the Mejanes library. Admission is free and open to everyone from Tuesday to Saturday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.  

A report in the hearts of men, an experience articulated around four major themes: anger, fear, sadness and joy. Christophe Keip invites us to live these images with the intelligence of the heart, to bear witness to our thirst for life, an emergency that he confides to be personal, the men of his family having for generations not survived beyond. from the age of 50.


Her work asks another question: wouldn't this health crisis and the emotional upheavals it made us go through, also led us to a metamorphosis? Towards another us, remained in silence, whom we could discover?

Christophe Keip has orchestrated his desire to "make people want to see themselves in their truth" and wants them to be able to perceive in his photos what their heart wants to tell them. The stake would be to access the essence of oneself and not to the projection of an image of the one we imagine to be or the one we dream of being like.


521 cries in the face of confinement, 521 states of mind, which do us good because they invite us to do the same: launch our cry from the heart to quite simply eat life to the fullest.


These cries are part of our collective memory, inscribe our history, our stories in a moment in the history of our planet. Solitary cries for a united clamor.

The Exhibition Curator

Vanessa Suchar Marcus specializes in contemporary art and Collectible Design. During her 25-year career, she has never ceased to identify, support and reveal emerging artists. Passionate about human and artistic encounters, she has always encouraged initiatives devoted to the revelation of art to as many people as possible and to art therapy projects. An explorer of talents, Vanessa has traveled the world to discover rare artistic potentials and has been able to share her passion with initiated collectors, and transmit this wealth to lay people. Therein lies her talent, an inexhaustible creativity that she puts at the service of the enhancement of works and career paths through exhibitions in the United States and Europe, of which she is curator.


Vanessa created in London, at the end of the 90s, places of ephemeral exhibitions and established herself as one of the first “gallery owners without gallery” at a time when only the “white cube” universes were consecrated. Originally created in London, her concept of "Salon for Art Collectors" based on the creation of exhibitions in private apartments has had considerable success which has encouraged her to decline it in Paris, New York, Rome, Brussels and more. recently in San Francisco.


Now living in Aix en Provence with her family, she continues her consultancy activity in the acquisition of works of art and the creation of exhibitions in new places in order to introduce contemporary artists.

Find Vanessa:


Anonymous TV - 07/01/2021

BFM TV - 07/07/2021

Aix My City - 09/09/2021

The Exhibition at the Zola Gallery

The Zola Gallery is the public space offering the largest exhibition area for a gallery in the region.

Getting there is very easy. You are less than 5 minutes from the Rotonde on foot, between the Pavillon Noir and the Méjane library.

The exhibition will occupy the entire 350m2. This space will be divided into 5 sections:


  1. A space allocated to Anger

  2. A space allocated to Fear

  3. A space allocated to Sadness

  4. A space allocated to Joy

  5. A space with 3 video walls in 20x30 allowing all the 521 howlers to be displayed, as well as a multimedia corner to discover the video recording sessions, through the various reports that have been made.

The lighting is done by Dominique Guyot ( ).

Dominique works in the Culture department of the city of Aix-en-Provence. He has been a show manager since 2003. He is in charge of lighting design for live shows and exhibitions at various art venues in the city. He is particularly interested in the enhancement of works of art through lighting.

2021-05 Galerie Zola Aix en Pce v6 NEWb.

A natural sense of flow is provided to navigate between different emotions. The visitor enters the exhibition from Anger. He emerges from it through Joy. This project is above all positive. The mission of the exhibition is to lead you towards peace and regained serenity. This resilience that has been talked about so much in recent months.

Texts by Valérie Mallet

As part of the #HURLEALAVIE project, Valérie agreed to produce four texts from her spontaneous writing. Each of these texts illustrates a chapter of the exhibition. He is a bridge between these very graphic cries and the limits of our consciousness.

Valérie is a writer and spokesperson for information that she collects from other fields of consciousness. Its site publishes the messages it receives. Articles read with the heart shed deep light on souls who question themselves and the world today.

Find Valérie on Instagram

Bourbon Lancy, from July to October 2021

It is with great pleasure that I will present 10 portraits from the project at the next Rencontres Internationales du Portrait Photographique.

All the info on this festival is available here .

And in preview, here are these 10 portraits.

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