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The pandemic imposes several confinements on us. Some people abuse our patience. With every wave of hope comes its share of bad news. Morale is plummeting for many. Our emotions boil inside, more or less below the surface.

January 2021.

I want to paint a portrait of this fast-paced society, before the next big change. This intuition becomes revelation. Between January and March, 521 howlers, coming from different regions of France, parade in my studio. They are women, men, children, couples, families, friends. They constitute a group whose members do not yet know each other. The book marks their first meeting. There will be others at exhibitions.


So here are 521 cries in the face of confinement, gathered on this path where you will meet Anger, face Fear, will be touched by Sadness, and will finally be embraced by Joy.


Beyond the texts and speech accompanying these powerful images, it is not only the stories of 521 people that you come to observe here. These are all mirrors that this league of howlers holds out to you. Some will slip away. Others will be the reflection of your existences, of what you felt, lived, and endured during these long months of confinement, and deprivation of liberties.


Some memories are too hard. But they are now part of our collective memory. The mission of the book and the exhibitions is to accompany you in this quest for yourself, and to lead you towards peace and regained serenity.

A new world is upon us, with its share of new challenges. So as Stéphanie and Charles wrote so well in their prefaces, it is time to find ourselves in the light and in love.

D2021-02 HALV 3995.jpg

To preserve the truth and respect the authenticity of each of these cries, none of the photographs presented in the book, in the exhibitions, in the press or on social networks, has been retouched.


#HURLEALAVIE came out of my guts one day in January 2021. This project had a deep meaning for me. I found it interesting that this experience could be taken up with the sensitivity of other photographers, in other places. This hashtag that I created now moves with the talents.

About the artist

Christophe Keip is a portrait photographer who for 30 years has traveled the world for his artistic or societal projects, in his studio in Aix en Provence, but also in a silver mine in Bolivia, or in a Haute Couture workshop in New -York. He tracks Man in all his states, in all his intentions, in all his dimensions, as the essential support for his new sketches. His artistic journey crosses artisans, actors, dancers, athletes, fashion designers, business leaders, job seekers, love seekers, families, in short, people!


His photographs have entered many private collections, notably in France, Belgium, England, United States, Morocco, Slovenia, Spain and Tahiti.


If he knows how to use computer graphics tools, his sensitivity encourages him to stay away from them as much as possible. Thus, he has developed a real skill to create complex light universes allowing, from the shooting, to obtain the result he wants. No need for tools like Photoshop in 99% in its artistic production, except for very specific needs resulting from the specifications of certain luxury brands.


As part of the project, he created a lighting setup, the same for all participants.

This aims to highlight the emotion delivered by the visitor, in a completely neutral context.

This howler could be of any nationality, and could have been seized anywhere in the world.

#HURLEALAVIE is a global project.


The Coach Who Designed the Struggle Program

Sandrine Guyader is a coach, business mentor and professional painter.

She participated in the #HURLEALAVIE project by creating the 2-minute warm-up that allowed the howlers to leave their minds and go to their hearts and guts to draw the energy and emotion of their cry.

Passionate about personal development for 20 years, she inspires and supports us to reveal our inner power, to breathe joy into our hectic lives and to find the alignment to be happy, perform and succeed in our life according to our personal and professional goals.

She created the BYS coaching agency based in Aix-en-Provence and the digitization of its services allow it to support its clients around the world.

Trained in Reiki, hypnotherapist and specialist in energies and anchoring, she also uses neurosciences, art therapy and positive psychology to bring to feel with the heart what the eyes do not see. She coaches us with passion in our whole human and spiritual being.

Find Sandrine:


The Capture Protocol

We were at the end of January. A 3rd confinement was announced on one of the TV newspapers.

Following the ras-le-bol of a Parisian friend of the photographer, launched on a social network, the latter offers to come and scream to free himself at his studio. It all starts from there. As a matter of course for everyone.


Between the launch of the project and the first speed-shoots, it was necessary to create conditions in line with the emergency situation, while satisfying a rigorous artistic requirement:

  • The capture period must be short
    -> 7 dates between January 29 and March 6

  • The number of participants must be high
    -> between 500 and 1000 participants

  • The duration of each capture must be very short (5 min max)
    -> to keep this urgency, a form of stress

  • The energy of the participant must quickly be high
    -> the session begins with a warm-up specific to the project

  • Participants must be of all genders, ages, and social backgrounds
    -> there is no casting or choice, the recording is open to all; the number will naturally bring diversity

  • Free for all participants
    -> with a photo in digital format as a thank you

  • A compulsory reservation system (appointment taken on )
    -> to avoid crowds or queues

  • A health protocol in strict compliance with the rules in force
    -> to avoid any risk of contagion from Covid

  • The widest possible media coverage
    -> project followed locally initially by La Provence, La Marseillaise, France3, MadeInMarseille, AixMaVille, and AzurProvenceTV, then taken up more widely by France Télévision in National and on social networks.


Photos Dario Caruso


You are a large majority of women to have traveled. Well done ladies!

Half of women, a quarter of men, and a quarter of minor children. When they came with the family, the men often came in "accompanying" mode, and ended up screaming with the tribe (and often the loudest in the end). 

2021-05-11 Repartition des 521 hurleurs.
2021-05-11 Pyramide des ages.png

A youngest of less than a month and a dean of 90 spring

To make the project meaningful, it was open to everyone, regardless of age and social condition.
Overall, we see that the women have an average age a little higher than that of the men who have come. Should we deduce from this that more mature women had more reason to scream their will to live? I will leave you free to comment on the subject. It promises.

Howl alone, as a couple, with friends, or with family?

As you can see below, the distribution is fairly even. This once again gives the project a fairly representative palette of current society.

2021-05-11 Combien.png
2021-05-11 Situation Familiale.png

Very soon, I will detail a little your feelings before, during, and after this experience of the liberating cry.

See you soon and don't forget that your mobilization is important.
Don't wait to order your copy of the book, or even to give it away!

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