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Le livre a été divisé en 4 chapitres principaux, comme pour l’exposition. Chacun de ces chapitres est construit autour d'une émotion primaire, et de ses déclinaisons :


  • La Colère, accompagnée de ses sœurs l'Agression et l'Hostilité

  • La Peur, accompagnée de ses sœurs l'Alarme, la Crainte, l'Effroi, et la Soumission

  • La Tristesse, accompagnée de ses sœurs la Déceptions et les Remords

  • La Joie, accompagnée de ses sœurs l'Amour, le Courage et l'Optimisme

Prefaces signed by Charles Berling and Stéphanie Brillant


I received as a gift two brilliant, complementary texts,  intense, by the way. They touched me. I hope it will be the same for you.

Is it necessary to introduce Charles Berling?

You have probably already seen him in the theater, in front of a big screen, in front of your television, in a newspaper stand, or while listening to the radio, in turn: Actor, Director, Screenwriter, Singer, Producer, but also Director of the Liberté theater in Toulon.

It is therefore an honor for me to be able to count on his committed pen, his cry calling for National concord.

I am all the more touched that I know he is very busy, between the preparations for 3 plays, a film shoot, and the theater festival in his city which he is in charge of.

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Stéphanie is Journalist, Author, Director, Speaker, and Entrepreneur. She describes herself as a multipotentialist.

Convinced of the value of personal ecology, Stéphanie devotes her energy to carrying out projects intended to promote the release of human potential.

His work bridges neuroscience, our lives and wisdom. Stéphanie Brillant is the director of the film The Brain of Children, released in theaters in 2018, the author of the books Guide to the Brain for enlightened parents and The incredible power of breath,  published by Editions Actes Sud. Stéphanie is also the founder of the Académie du Souffle and the production company Innertainment. 

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The book has been divided into 4 main chapters, as for the exhibition. Each of these chapters is built around a primary emotion, and its variations:


  • Anger, accompanied by her sisters Aggression and Hostility

  • The Fear, accompanied by its sisters the Alarm, the Fear, the Awe, and the Submission

  • Sadness, accompanied by her sisters, Disappointment and Remorse

  • Joy, accompanied by her sisters Love, Courage and Optimism

Details of the work 

Cover size: 23.0cm x 29.7cm
Number of pages: 224
Number of photos: 100 (+/- 10%)
contextualized with a text
Integral coverage
Public price: 30 € (thirty euros taxes included)
First estimated circulation: 2,000 copies

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